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Getting a 500 Error or "Something went wrong"? Here is what you can do.

If you are getting a 500 Server Error or "Oops... Something went wrong", then its very much possible that either your server is not meeting the TMail requirements OR there is some configuration issue. 

Below are the steps you can go through to check:

  1. Contact your hosting provider and ask if they have following extensions installed for you on your server:
    1. PHP >= 7.1.3 
    2. MySQL >= 5.1
    3. BCMath PHP Extension
    4. Ctype PHP Extension
    5. JSON PHP Extension
    6. Mbstring PHP Extension
    7. OpenSSL PHP Extension
    8. PDO PHP Extension
    9. Tokenizer PHP Extension
    10. XML PHP Extension
  2. Incase you are using TMail, then you will need below extensions as well:
    1. IMAP
    2. iconv
  3. Check out the logs located in storage -> logs -> (something).log and see if you can understand what the error is. This will most probably tell you what extensions are not installed properly. 

If your hosting provider comes back saying everything is installed as per the requirement and you are still getting error, check your IMAP email configuration. You can try below steps:

  1. Disable SSL for IMAP from Admin Panel
  2. Check with your hosting provider what is the hostname to connect (IMAP Hostname)

If none of the above solutions are working for you, please go ahead and create a ticket with all the details you have. Don't forget to keep the ticket private incase you have some sensitive information (like Passwords, etc).