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How to setup server for Global DNS?

Setting up a server for Global DNS is a 3 step process.

Step 1: Get the files for server

Step 2: Put the files on server

Step 3: Add server details on your site.

Keep on repeating all above steps for each server that you add.

Step 1

You have to visit this website here and follow below process:

  1. First field takes the purchase code you received from CodeCanyon after buying Global DNS

    1. If you're using WordPress, put the secret in second field which you generated while setting up Global DNS. You can find this key in WP Dashborad -> Global DNS -> Settings
    2. If you're using PHP Script, just type "NOSECRET" in second field.
  2. Next field will take the server url, where you will put the server files. 
  3. If you are have a website hosted on above site, you can tick the last checkbox. Incase if that's a blank website, don't check it.

Finally, you click on "Download File" button, this will prompt you to download a file.zip and also system will provide you a URL at the top, don't forget to copy that URL.

Step 2

You will have to login to your server via FTP or cPanel -> File Manager. Upload the zip file in public_html or similar folder. And make sure you delete the zip file after extracting it.

Step 3

Now, goto your WordPress or Global DNS Standalone site where you had installed Global DNS and goto Server section. Put appropriate details and URL as the one which you copied in Step 1. 

And that's it! You can also refer to the video below which shows how to create a server for Global DNS.