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Receive emails FASTER!

You might have heard of AWS SES, MailGun, etc which are systems related to email service and they can also be used for receiving the emails. As you know that TMail requires an IMAP access to fetch emails, but neither AWS nor Mailgun provides an IMAP box.

So, we kept on looking for other providers who can provide that, then we came across a service called Business Email Hosting from BigRock.in

In case if you don't know BigRock.in, they are just like Godaddy & Namecheap but very popular in India.

They are providing a mailbox at a super cheap deal, we thought of buying a mailbox to test how it works with TMail. All TMail needs is 1 mailbox only which cost around Rs.35 (less than 0.5 USD) per month.

It also has a limit of 5 domain alias which mean you can easily set up 6 domains forwarding for your TMail. The Rs.35 plan comes with 5GB of storage which is good enough to start with and later you can upgrade if required.

This idea is not limited to BigRock.in, however, we strongly recommend them because of the speed which they receive the message. Please note that time taken for email to receive is still depended on your email provider.

Go ahead and try this out!

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