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CloudFlare 524 Error

Since you're on this page, it looks like either you're just browsing through our articles or frustrated with the CloudFlare error on TMail. Don't worry, we got a solution for you and it's way simpler that you can think.

Reason why you face this error is when you put your website address as the IMAP host, your server has to route the IMAP request through CloudFlare for no reason. CloudFlare is technology which should be used between your end-user and your server, but using IMAP host as your website address, does something like this: Server -> CloudFlare -> Server

This is absolutely unnecessary. 

There is a very simple fix for this, just replace the IMAP host with your actual server hostname. In case if you're not sure what is your server hostname, just ask your hosting provider, they will easily help you out.

That's it! Problem solved!

In rare case, if you're still having trouble, simply created a ticket and our agents will get back to you ASAP!