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I receive 20K emails every day, is it normal?

This was a fantastic question asked by one of our customers and we thought it could be a question with many other customers as well.

Such a high number of receiving emails may be normal if you've that many users active on your site. Usually, after your end-user creates an email ID, most probably they will never use it again in future and forgets about it, as they only need it for a temporary purpose. But the services (like Facebook) where they've used the email ID still remembers the ID and sends email regularly. So, you end-up receiving tons of emails that are not being checked by anyone. Out of those 20K emails, maybe only 1K are the ones that users are checking. You can also confirm this by logging into your email account via Webmail and see the number of unread emails.

Ideally, you should keep changing the domains in your TMail everything 6 to 8 months or maybe sooner if you're very popular among those top Temporary Email solutions. And if you do this, all the old emails are automatically discarded and you start with a clean slate.